Saudi diplomat seeks political asylum in US

Thu Jun 13, 2013 12:50:31

A Saudi diplomat has taken refuge to the United States in protest to the Kingdom’s crackdown on public demonstrations, al-Alam reports.

Harron Ahmed, the Saudi diplomat has sought refuge to the United States in protest at heavily-handed treatment of the Saudi regime forces towards opposition groups and detention of a large number of activists.

The former Saudi consulate in Boston, described the reasons behind his decision to break from the ruling system in a film published on the internet.

Ahmed had also lent support for two leading members of Saudi Civil and Political Rights Association (ACPRA) Mohammad  Fahad al-Qahtani and Abdullah al-Hamid and regretted the statement released earlier by Saudi court against these two activists.

Saudi court sentenced the two leading activists to 10-year-old jail term.

He is the second Saudi diplomat who has pleaded for asylum to the United States since last eight years.

Ali Asiri, a former Saudi diplomat also called on Washington for a refugee status before but his demand was turned down by the White House to appease Saudi rulers.

However, White House has yet to comment on Haroon’s demand.

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