1 killed in clashes near Iran embassy in Beirut

1 killed in clashes near Iran embassy in Beirut
Sun Jun 9, 2013 16:01:08

At least one person has been killed and 10 others wounded during clashes between Takfiri groups supporting the Syrian opposition and Hezbollah’s supporters near Iranian embassy in Lebanese capital Beirut.

The Takfiri groups which were invited by a group called “al-Intima” tried to gather in front of the Iranian embassy for a demonstration but they were faced with a group of neighboring residents and supporters of the Syrian government.

They were stopped before getting close to the embassy.

According to al-Alam reporter clashes intensified by arrival of the Lebanese security forces as those from the anti-Syria side were armed and started shooting people in the neighborhood. 

One person is reported to have been killed while at least ten others were injured.

An army statement confirmed the young man's death.

"This afternoon, as members of a political movement arrived in the Bir Hassan neighbourhood (where the Iranian embassy is located) there was a clash during which a man opened fire with a revolver," the statement said.

"A civilian was critically injured and has since died." 

Syria has been struggling with a foreign-backed insurgency since March 2011 which is supported by the United States and its western and regional allies.

Hezbollah movement who had repeatedly warned supporters of the war about spread of the insurgency to the whole region, has pledged resisting against terrorists and Takfiri militant groups fighting in Syria, should Lebanese people are threatened by their harm.