Dutch militants decapitate man in Syria

Sat Jun 8, 2013 17:56:31

Belgian Federal Office of the Attorney General says they are going to probe into a video showing French and Dutch speaking terrorists beheading a man in Syria.

Belgian Flemish channel VTM broadcasted on Friday a video recorded in Syria showing beheading a man brutally killed by militants speaking French and Dutch with a Belgian accent.

The video shows an older man who is lying on the floor, either dead or passed out, while youths cheering in Dutch with a distinct Belgian Flemish accent as one of them decapitated the man with a knife.

The attorney general said they will examine the case as part of a broader investigation on Belgian nationals traveling to fight in Syria.

Europe has seen a rise in the number of its citizens entering Syria as ‘jihadists’.

According to Belgian authorities, dozens of Belgian citizens traveled to Syria to fight alongside armed groups affiliated with Al Qaeda, with most of these men coming from Flanders and Brussels.

On April 24, EU’s anti-terror chief Gilles de Kerchove told the British media that some 500 Europeans were in Syria to fight in the war-torn country.

Kerchove said Britain, Ireland and France were among the EU countries to have the highest numbers of militants in Syria.

Syria has been struggling with a massive number multinational terrorists who infiltrated the country after protests erupted in March 2011.

The war on the country which is strongly supported by the United States and its western and regional allies has been marked with ugly scenes of brutality and viciousness from cruel killing of children to eating organs from dead body of Syrian soldiers.

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