Syrian army nabs over 900 militants in Quasayr

Syrian army nabs over 900 militants in Quasayr
Sat Jun 8, 2013 13:07:22

More than 900 militants, mostly with other nationalities, have been arrested by the Syrian army during the fierce fighting in Qusayr, reports say.

The western town of Qusayr which was one of the main bastions for the terrorist groups fighting in a foreign-backed insurgency in Syria was freed on Wednesday, following a more than a two-week all-out operation.

Scores of militants were killed and many were arrested during the operation, while a number of them fled the town to surrounding areas.

According to Palestinian Almanar newspaper, 913 militants were detained in Qusayr.

Several countries have reportedly contacted with Damascus to receive bodies of those killed but Syrian government has declined to do so, saying that they would only return the bodies with presence of the media and under international observation.

The army is collecting documents left in the buildings where militant groups used during their stay in the town.

There have been signs of attempted bombing in one of the main centers which seemed to be a commanding room, according to Syrian army.

Syria has long informed of high number of foreign nationals fighting in the country and has submitted several reports to the United Nations proving their extensive presence.


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