Israel fears Golan kidnapping scenario

Israel fears Golan kidnapping scenario
Fri Jun 7, 2013 11:27:20

Israeli army has announced its readiness to stand against any scenario regarding the abduction of its troops near border area with Syria as “the security situation is deteriorated”.

According to The Israel Army Radio, the situation grew even more worrisome for the Zionist regime on Thursday with hours of fierce battle at the Quneitra crossing, after which the Syrian army had regained control of Golan Heights.

This victory will ensure the steadiness of Syrian government enduring control over major parts of country for several years, the radio added.

At the same time, not 70 miles away, scores of Israeli soldiers engaged in an elaborate combat exercise preparing for what is increasingly guessed as an inevitable war with resistance groups.

The confluence of events confronted Israel with the complex reality of a civil war just across the border in which both sides are hostile to the Zionist regime.

On Thursday Austria pulled its 380 troops from the 1,000-member United Nations force that has patrolled the so-called buffer zone between occupied lands and Syria since a 1974 armistice deal.

In a statement, Israel’s Foreign Ministry said it regretted Austria’s decision.

Analysts said a withdrawal of the United Nations force could turn Israel’s quietest border into a no man’s land where resistance groups could make great achievements.

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