Turkish police truck runs over protester

Mon Jun 3, 2013 19:00:09

Video shows a Turkish police truck runs over a protester who is sitting behind barricades in the street.

The protester was killed due to severe injuries according to medical sources.

More than a week after protests began sweeping Turkey, demonstrators kept up their occupation of bustling Taksim Square Monday amid appeals from the government to abandon the rallies and return to work and school.

What began as a small sit-in over the Turkish government's plan to demolish a park in central Istanbul in favor of a shopping arcade has morphed into the biggest protest movement against Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan since he was elected more than 10 years ago.

Angry protesters -- who say police have responded to their demonstrations with excessive force and accuse Erdogan of being paternalistic and authoritarian -- show no sign backing down. And a defiant Erdogan shows no inclination to give in to their demands.

While crowds Monday in Taksim Square were smaller and calmer than in recent days, police in Ankara brought in armored vehicles and fired tear gas at protesters chanting anti-government slogans in Kizilay Square.

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