Iran blasts US duplicity over terrorism

Iran blasts US duplicity over terrorism
Mon Jun 3, 2013 11:02:29

The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman has slammed the United States for America’s double-standard policies on terrorism.

Abbas Araqchi’s denunciation of American foreign policy on Sunday came after the US State Department accused Tehran of supporting terrorism, ISNA reported.

“The international community will not forget America’s all-out support for the state terrorism of the Zionist regime [of Israel] or turn a blind eye to its countless inhuman crimes under the guise of fighting terrorism,” Araqchi said.

Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman added that the international community is well aware of the US authorities’ double-standard policies.

He also stated that the arming of terrorist groups such as the al-Qaeda-affiliated ring of Jabhat al-Nusra in Syria bears ample proof of Washington’s duplicity in its foreign policy.

The United States, Britain, and their allies Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey are providing weapons and funds to terrorist groups in Syria, such as the al-Nusra, which are fighting to depose Syrian President Bashar al- Assad.

In its annual "Country Reports on Terrorism" for 2012, published on May 30, the US State Department accused Iran, Cuba, Sudan, and Syria of supporting terrorist activities.

On Friday, spokesman for Iran's UN mission in New York, Ali-Reza Miryousefi said the US is in no position to accuse other countries of supporting terrorism.

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