Rebels rocket attacks injure dozen in Aleppo

Rebels rocket attacks injure dozen in Aleppo
Fri May 31, 2013 15:18:53

Foreign-sponsored militants in Syria have carried out more deadly attacks in the northwestern governorate of Aleppo, Al-Alam reported.

On Friday, the militants fired rockets and artillery shells in the Shiite towns of Nobol and al-Zahra and injured dozens of people.

Both towns are located in near northern part of Aleppo, near Turkey border.

They were seized since several months ago by the terrorist groups, who are blocking the entrance of any food or drug items to the towns.

The population of these towns is estimated around 70,000 people.

Rights activists have already warned that more humanitarian crises would be occurred in case the seizure is not ended immediately.

Up to 20 people were killed earlier in May when armed rebels fired at two towns Nubbul and al-Zahara in the countryside of Aleppo.

Both towns are inhabited by people from Shiite minority.