Russia set to sell MiG fighter jets to Syria

Russia set to sell MiG fighter jets to Syria
Fri May 31, 2013 13:35:42

A Russian arms manufacturer has decided to engage in new contract with Syria to deliver at least 10 fighter jets to Syria.

Sergei Korotkov, general director of the MiG company that makes the jets, told Russian news agencies Friday that a Syrian delegation was in Moscow to discuss terms and deadlines of a new contract supplying MiG-29 M/M2 fighters to Syria.

Korotkov did not say how many MiGs Syria were buying, but says it would be ‘‘more than 10.’’

A Syrian delegation was currently in the Russian capital to sort out the contract details, he said.

Russia, a main arms supplier to syria, has defended its delivery of weapons to the conflict-torn country.

President Bashar al-Assad, in an interview broadcast in Lebanon Thursday, said Syria had taken delivery of the first batch of advanced anti-aircraft missiles from Russia.

Earlier on May 28, Moscow had said it would go ahead with the delivery of S-300 systems to Damascus, following which the Israeli regime hinted it would take action to prevent the delivery of the systems to Damascus.

Russia says that the shipment of the S-300 missile defense system is aimed at deterring foreign intervention in Syria.