‘Chances low to revive Israel-Palestine talks’

‘Chances low to revive Israel-Palestine talks’
Thu May 30, 2013 09:42:50

An Arab member of Israel's Knesset [Parliament] has expressed concern over the latest regional developments saying that the chances of peace talks among Israel-Palestinians are devastating.

Referring to recent visit of US Secretary of State John Kerry of Ramallah under pretext of engaging in peace negotiations with Palestinian Authority, Basel Qantas said on Thursday that this visit will not bring any fruitful results as Kerry should follow up negotiations based on Zionist regime pre-conditions, Al-Alam reported.

He said both sides have severally resumed such negotiations but their agreements have not halted the expansion of Israeli settlements in occupied lands.

He said within such peace talks, even the Israeli government have not obligated to the conditions accepted by Palestinian Authority Chief Mahmud Abbas.

Qantas said Israeli government has comprised of extremist figures who will hardly accept to return to the negotiation table since their main policy is not materializing peace and security in the region.

Kerry has visited the region for the fourth time, where there has been growing skepticism toward the success of Washington’s attempts to mediate the so called ‘peace process’ between the Israelis and the Palestinians.

It may be natural to expect the Palestinians to lack faith in Washington’s true intentions in pushing ahead the peace process.

This lack of faith was particularly felt when US President Barack Obama denied al Nakba during his latest visit to the region. The event is important to all Palestinians because it marks the displacement of almost 1 million Palestinians by the Israelis.

Israel’s top negotiator Tzipi Livni recently said that the Israeli government remains divided on the issue of peace with the Palestinians and there remain many ideological differences.

However, Hanna Ashrawi from the Palestinian Liberation Organization stated that Israel was showing no signs of intention to enter into negotiations with the Palestinians. She said this was particularly because the Israelis refuse to abide by the demands set out by the Palestinian Authority including a complete freeze on settlement expansions in the West Bank.