Extremists seeking to spread Shia-phobia in UK

Extremists seeking to spread Shia-phobia in UK
Mon May 13, 2013 21:50:29

Association of Britain Muslims has condemned the British extremists’ plots to expand war on ethnic and sectarian grounds among British Muslims through spreading Shia-phobia, Al-Alam reported.

Dismissing seditious statements issued and circulated by Anjum Chaudri radical group against Shiite Muslims, the Association of Britain Muslims issued a statement warning that those people who claim to be Muslims and circulate the anti-Shiite visions, are lonely expand the message of division and hatred.

Choudary, who leads Britain Salafi extremist groups, receives little support from the mainstream UK Muslim population and has been largely criticized in the media.

Association of Britain Muslims also announced its readiness to resist against all provocative activities leading to sectarian rifts among Muslims in Britain.

The association also warned media not to get involved in the challenges created by these extremist groups.

The Association also stressed unity among Sunni and Shiite Muslims, saying that ongoing crises in Middle East and other Muslim countries are threatening this unity.

”Some foreign elements are seeking to sow discord among Muslims to reach their ominous purposes n these regions”, it added.

The Association also expressed its deep concern over the degradation of Islamic unity and values in some of Muslim countries including Syria, Iraq, Bahrain, Indonesia and Pakistan.