Israel opens diplomatic mission in Arab states

Israel opens diplomatic mission in Arab states
Mon May 13, 2013 17:39:04

Israeli regime has expanded secret diplomatic mission in Persian Gulf littoral Arab countries through opening new missions in these countries.

According to an article published by Al-Quds Al-Arabi newspaper on Monday, the ambassador of Israeli regime in Berlin has already confirmed the inauguration of such secret offices, adding that Israel has recently enjoyed very good economic and political relations with some Arab countries, Al-Alam reported.

Israel established 11 new diplomatic missions worldwide between 2010 and 2012, the country’s Finance Ministry reported. Among them is a diplomatic mission in the Persian Gulf, but officials refuse to disclose its location.

The Finance Ministry’s budget for the next year, to be submitted for Cabinet approval this week, has revealed that Israel has created almost a dozen new missions around the world since 2010.

The ministry, however, refused to divulge information on a diplomatic mission reportedly set up in the Persian Gulf. “We cannot comment on this matter,” the Foreign Ministry said, as quoted by Haaretz.

To date, Israel has no formal diplomatic relations with the Arab Gulf States, but it seems that Qatar and Oman are seeking to make such relations as they have recently expanded some economic relations with the occupying regime.

News of Israel’s push for new diplomatic missions comes on the heels of an earlier claims that suggested the Zionist regime is allegedly attempting to mend security fences with some of its neighbors.