Yemenis hold anti-Zionist regime protests

Yemenis hold anti-Zionist regime protests
Sat May 11, 2013 17:36:03

Thousands of Yemenis have held anti-Israeli regime protests in various cities of Yemen to denounce Zionists’ invasion of Syria, according to media reports.

The Zionist army’s air strikes on Syria left tens of people dead or injured.

Yemenis strongly condemned Israel’s latest air strikes against Syria and urged the Syrian army to respond to the regime’s aggressions.

On May 5, Israeli regime carried out an aggressive attack on a research center near capital Damascus that drew international criticism.

According to a report submitted by Syrian foreign ministry to the UN at least 15 people were killed in the Israeli assault.

“We stand by Syrian people and government against Takfiri elements who seek to tear Syria apart with the help of Zionist enemy (Israel),” a protester told Al-Alam.

The protesters held signs condemning the United States, Israel and their allies for being responsible for the crisis in Syria and chanted slogans that “Syria remains free and stable”.

Syrian government released a statement saying that  Israel’s airstrike on Syrian soil has opened the door "to all possibilities" and made the situation in the region more dangerous.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned Israel against any further aggression on Syria, according to media reports.

During a Tuesday phone conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Putin said that “Russia would not tolerate further Israeli attacks on Damascus and would respond.”

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