Top cleric rejects ceding Palestine lands to Israel

Top cleric rejects ceding Palestine lands to Israel
Thu May 9, 2013 20:00:34

An influential Muslim cleric has warned that nobody was allowed to cede "any part of Palestine" to the Israeli regime.

During a meeting with Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniya and members of his government in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday, Yusuf al-Qaradawi stressed that "No one is allowed to give up any part of Palestine."

Egyptian-born Qaradawi, the head of the Association of Muslim Scholars, was heading of a delegation of 50 clerics from 14 countries.


"Palestine was never Jewish," he said. "Palestine is Arab and Muslim and will remain Arab and Muslim, and Islam will prevail."


Haniya, who handed Qaradawi a Palestinian passport, reaffirmed that Hamas resistance movement would "never give up or recognize Israel.”


"We will not give up our rights, we will never give up an inch of Palestine and won't allow anyone to cede a grain of Palestinian land," he said.


The 86-year-old Qaradawi, who last visited the Gaza in 1958, arrived on Wednesday night for a three-day visit he said was to "support its people and participate in lifting the (Israeli) blockade against them.”


Last month, Qaradawi boycotted an inter-faith forum in Doha because Israelis were invited to the conference.


He hosts a popular show on Al-Jazeera television and backed the Arab Spring uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Syria.


The comment came days after Qatar’s prime minister said that Arab nations were ready to be flexible with their 2002 peace plan with Zionist regime, claiming the Palestinians and Israelis could trade land rather than conform exactly to the 1967 borders.


Shaikh Hamad Bin Jasem Al Thani made the comment after he and a group of Arab officials met US secretary of state John Kerry to discuss how to revive stalled talks between Israeli regime and the Palestinians Authority.