Clashes kill nine police in north Iraq

Clashes kill nine police in north Iraq
Fri May 3, 2013 17:45:58

Nine policemen have been killed in northern Iraq while a car bomb targeting worshippers near a mosque in north of Baghdad left four others dead.

The fighting between police and armed men in west Mosul, including mortar rounds fired at checkpoints, killed nine police and wounded seven, police and a doctor said.

Four gunmen were also killed in the clashes.

In Rashidiyah, north of Baghdad, the car bomb exploded as worshippers left Friday prayers at Al-Ghufran mosque, killing at least four people and wounding 22, an interior ministry official and a medical source said.

And in Al-Amil in south Baghdad, a magnetic "sticky bomb" wounded a police captain, while a roadside bomb wounded three more police in Taji, north of the capital, the ministry official and medical sources said.

According to a UN report, April was the deadliest month for Iraq in almost five years.


"The month of April was the deadliest since June 2008. A total of 712 people were killed and another 1,633 were wounded in acts of terrorism and acts of violence," a statement from the UN mission in Iraq said on Thursday.

A wave of violence began on April 23 when militants invaded security checkpoints near the town of Hawijah in north Iraq, sparking clashes in which 53 people were killed.

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