Jordan not to involve in Syria war: politician

Jordan not to involve in Syria war: politician
Sun Apr 28, 2013 19:45:49

A former Jordanian parliamentarian has emphasized that pressures from the U.S., Western and Arab countries to involve Jordan in the war against Syria have been fruitless and Jordan’s stance toward the Syrian crisis has always been fixed.

In an exclusive interview with al-Alam News Channel on Sunday, Hamada Fara’ana pointed to the recent trip of the Jordanian king to the U.S, stating that, “King Abdullah stayed in Washington for a whole week and held meetings with the Congress finance and defense committees and some high-ranking authorities including the U.S. president.”


Fara’ana noted that the king of Jordan had highlighted 3 points during his meetings, “the king advised the U.S. government not to interfere in Syria militarily… he also stressed that under no circumstances will a single Jordanian soldier step into the Syrian soil. If the U.S. is after a solution, it should be done in coordination with Russia.”

Regarding the presence of the U.S. troops in Jordanian territories, he declared that “limited presence of the U.S. troops in the country should not be considered to be the explicit policy of Jordan (toward Syria) …. Jordan has announced from the very beginning that it is against any military solution to the Syrian crisis. There is no solution but a political settlement and to have all sides sit at the negotiation table.”


“Jordan is against any military solution to the Syrian crisis. While the Syrian regime managed to resist and hostile powers failed to overthrow the regime, so how can one expect Jordan to pursue this unsuccessful strategy?” Fara’ana added.

He called the claim by the chief of the research division of the Zionist military intelligence apparatus baseless and false, stating that “the claim was raised to influence (the outcomes of) king Abdullah’s trip. There are differences in views between Jordan and Israel over the U.S. stance (toward Syria).”

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