Tunisians stage massive pro-Assad rally

Tunisians stage massive pro-Assad rally
Mon Apr 22, 2013 22:42:24

Thousands of Tunisian people have staged a massive rally in capital city of Tunis to support the Syrian nation’s resistance against the foreign backed crisis.

The protestors announced their support of Syrian government’s resistance against the interferences of the West and its regional allies including Qatar and Saudi Arabia, Al-Alam reported.

“Syria will be remained as the axis of resistance in the region” a protestor said.
The protestors also criticized the Tunisian government’s hasty act in firing the Syrian ambassador.

Carrying Syrian flags along with Tunisian and Palestinian flags and photos of President Bashar al-Assad, demonstrators also voiced their opposition to foreign dictations on the Tunisian government regarding its stances on Syria.

They also denounced the negative role played by the Arab League, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey in Syria.