Russia warns EU of easing arms delivery to Syria

Russia warns EU of easing arms delivery to Syria
Mon Apr 22, 2013 16:07:51

Russia has warned the European Union not to lift an arms embargo that has prevented weapons supplies to terrorists and armed rebels in Syria.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Monday an embargo was unnecessary in the first place because such supplies were prohibited by international law. However if the embargo is removed, "the international obligations of the EU countries, which prohibit supplies of arms and ammunition to non-government actors, are not going anywhere", he said at a news briefing after talks with his Guinean counterpart.


Russia, which has stopped delivering arms to Syria for it could be used in the conflict, has vehemently opposed any supplies of weapons to insurgents and opposition side in Syria.


France and Britain who are accused by Damascus for backing the terrorists in Syria had submitted a Franco-British proposal to ease the ban which was rejected by EU ministers last month.


Earlier this month US President Barack Obama authorized a new aid package, worth $10 million, to the armed rebels and terrorist groups in Syria, in an attempt to give more impetus to forces seeking to topple the government.


Moscow has for months been calling for implementation of a declaration agreed by world powers in Geneva last June that called for a mutual agreement for ending the crisis. However, Washington which is backing the armed insurgency to remove Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad, has not supported Russia’s proposal and insists that al-Assad must step down.


"We will discuss what we, Russia and the United States, can do to convince those who ... are resisting the peace process to step onto the path of implementing the Geneva agreements," Lavrov said.

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