Head of Syria opposition steps down again

Head of Syria opposition steps down again
Sun Apr 21, 2013 23:15:08

Syrian opposition chief Ahmad Moaz al-Khatib announces that he is stepping down once again in less than a month, but this time because of what he called “lack of real action” from his international supporters.

A month earlier he first tendered his resignation amid recriminations over the choice of a perceived Muslim Brotherhood nominee as rebels prime minister, which threw the opposition into fresh disarray. He cited “reaching to the red lines” as the reason for his resignation.


"I can confirm Khatib's resignation is final," National Coalition member Marwan Hajjo said, following a meeting in Istanbul of the so-called "Friends of Syria" group of Arab and Western governments that support the opposition.


Al-Khatib resignation announcement comes as Syrian army advanced outside the capital and near the Lebanese border and cleared the area from armed rebels.


The opposition in Syria which has turned to be a cover for massive bloodshed and terrorist attacks in the country for more than two years, has urged the international community to support them with “heavy weapons” to fight.


Hajjo said the international community, “should be providing heavy weapons” to enable the opposition to fight against the government.


In Istanbul, the United States pledged to double its aid to the armed rebels. US pledge comes as al-Qaeda terrorists are helping the armed rebels in Syria, launching fatal operations.