Britain suffers 43% rise in homelessness

Sat Apr 20, 2013 22:36:20

An analyst describes the 43-percent growth of the homeless in Britain as a ticking-time bomb which the country is faced with and has serious dangers.

A large number of English citizens spend the cold nights on sides of streets and pavements. With the 43-percent growth in the number of the homeless, nearly six thousand British citizens have no shelter, Al-Alam News Channel reported.


“The fact that a large number of British citizens live on streets indicates that the statesmen in this country are not just in their speeches and their deeds,” said the political analyst Shabbir Razavi in an exclusive interview with Al-Alam News Channel.


Reducing the tax paid by the upper stratum, depriving the people of essential subsidies, and shrinking the retirement benefits were all signs that the British government is negligent of the poor in the country, Razavi asserted.


At a cold night in London streets, Al-Alam correspondent accompanied some volunteers who tried to provide the homeless with essential needs. She attempted to interview with some of the homeless but many of them refused to talk.


“Some of these people appreciate our efforts, but the truth is that difficult conditions of displacement and living without a shelter make them hopeless and angry. I have witnessed their anger in their interaction with you,” Jonathan Butterworth, a legal activist, told the Al-Alam correspondent.


Many believe the raise in the number of the displaced and the homeless in the country is due to the economic austerity measures of the government which has penetrated into the housing and nutrition sectors as well. The youth and large families have suffered the most from these policies.


According to the report, the homeless have developed problems such as mental disorders, social abnormalities, and delinquency.