Clearing Daraya from terrorist groups.

Daraya, the story of the land
Daraya, the story of the land
Al Alam’s documentary featuring last phases of clearing Daraya from terrorist groups.
Al Alam’s documentary featuring last phases of clearing Daraya from terrorist groups.
“Daraya” is one the cities in the vicinity of Damascus and is located in the southwest of the capital of Syria. It is considered as one of the largest cities in West Ghouta.
The most prominent feature of Daraa is its strategic location. This city is close to “Kafr Sousa” and “Al-Marah” regions from north, and is shortly distanced from “Al-Mazah” military airport. The city also reaches “Al-Azima” region from west, and stretches to “Sahnaya” from south.
Regarding these features, armed individuals and particularly the al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorist group of “Al-Nosra Front” focuses more largely on Daraya in the outskirt of Damascus in order to convert it into a linking bridge for their groups in various areas.
Al Alam correspondent entered the city before complete removal of the members of the terrorist group, while there were still ongoing conflicts in some areas.
Evacuation of the city of residents and the remaining ruins are evidence of the volume and intensity of conflicts.
Al Alam correspondent said: Upon arrival to Daraya, we went to the Army Commander’s office, a place from where the Holy Shrine of “Bibi Sakina” was clearly within sight.
The Operation Commander of Daraya explained about the process of the operation and emphasized that most areas were cleared, and presently conflicts have been stretched to the vicinity of the city, and armed elements are now hiding in some buildings.
Upon declaration of the time of the final operation, Al Alam news team will accompany army forces to the operation field.
Al Alam correspondent highlighted: The high spirit of army forces was a source of relief for us.
Upon arrival to the intended location, the army forces began their operation of clearing some buildings of members of “Al-Nosra Front” terrorist group, who were hiding there.
As the buildings were being cleared, the army forces warned the Al Alam news team that one of the Al-Nosra Front snipers was hiding in a water tank.
The army forces surrounded the sniper and targeted him.
The terrorist groups had dug tunnels among residential buildings, through which they would carry out their transactions via buildings.
By overcoming the troubles and difficulties, army forces were eventually able to clear the city of terrorist groups.