EU Ready to React to Anti-Russia Sanctions: Junker

EU Ready to React to Anti-Russia Sanctions: Junker
Thu Aug 3, 2017 11:59:10

President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker has warned the EU will retaliatory measures “within days” if the newly-signed US sanctions against Russia target businesses in the European Union (EU).

Junker on Wednesday expressed alarm over the “unpredictable” consequences of the new US sanctions law for the European Union, particularly in the field of energy security.

“If the US sanctions specifically disadvantage EU companies trading with Russia in the energy sector the EU is prepared to take appropriate steps in response within days,” the Commission chief said.

Junker further noted that Brussels had to defend its economic interests which include European companies involved in oil and gas projects with Moscow.

“We are ready. We must defend our economic interests vis-à-vis the United States, and we will do that,” he said, also drawing attention to the fact that European interests should be always taken into account when it comes to the application of restrictive measures by Washington.

Earlier in the day, US President Donald Trump signed into law a bill which imposes tough additional sanctions on Russia over Moscow’s alleged meddling in last year’s US presidential election and Crimea’s reunification with Russia in 2014.

The legislation targets the Russian energy sector, allowing the US to sanction companies involved in developing Russian oil pipelines and placing restrictions on some Russian arms exporters.

Reacting to the measures, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said the fresh US sanctions imposed against Moscow were tantamount to a “full-scale trade war” and destroyed prospects for better relations with Washington.

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