Trump Middle East visit ‘all about’ backing Israel, opposing Iran

Trump Middle East visit ‘all about’ backing Israel, opposing Iran
Mon May 15, 2017 09:39:47

US President Donald Trump will serve as the US “front man” for “additional conflict” in the Middle East during his scheduled visit to Saudi Arabia and Israel to foster animosity against Iran, says an American author.

“Part of his trip is allying with Arab states in Riyadh, [where] he’ll meet with leaders of other Arab states,” Stephen Lendman said on Sunday in an interview in regard to remarks by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who directly mentioned “unity” against Tehran as an objective of Trump’s first foreign trip as the president of the United States.

The US president will start his first ever foreign tour by visiting the Saudi capital on Friday and then will leave for Israel on Monday.

“It’s all about supporting Israel; It’s about opposing Iran; it may be about plotting additional conflict in the region; it certainly has nothing to do with fostering peace and stability. That never is America’s agenda, never Israel’s agenda,” said Lendman, who is also a radio host based in Chicago.

He further noted that Trump’s pro-war agenda is supported by others in the administration and US Congress, who are “involved in planning these things.”

“They’re all up to no good, they want continued wars, rejection of peace and stability, and I can see nothing good coming out of his trip,” said the political commentator.

‘Prelude to something more serious’

Trump has been a staunch opponent of the Iran nuclear deal as it was negotiated under his predecessor, President Barack Obama, despite the Republican Party’s opposition.

According to Lendman, while the deal is not “perfect,” Trump probably cannot “cancel it.”

However, he cautioned that “the idea of attacking Iran verbally may be a prelude to something more serious.”

 On Monday, Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Major General Mohammad Baqeri  warned Iran's enemies against “any mistakes in calculation or [perpetration of] the smallest act of aggression against the establishment and the Muslim territory.”

His remarks came as Saudi Arabia was reportedly teaming up with Tel Avis against Iran in the wake of the 2015 nuclear deal, dubbed the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

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