VIDEO: Syrian Army Repels ISIS Assault on T4 Military Airport Near Palmyra

Sat Dec 24, 2016 11:41:49

The Syrian Army fend-off an Islamic State (ISIS) offensive on T4 Military Airport in Homs near Palmyra (Tadmur). ISIS storm the airbase with Grad rockets and mortar shells earlier in the day but Syrian Air Force neutralized ISIS artillery unit.

Alalam - Syria

According to local sources fighting was particularly brutal and army forces were eventually able to repel the attack, forcing ISIS militants to retreat towards Palmyra.

Located in the Homs’ eastern countryside, the T4 Airport is a critical security installation, providing Syrian Army forces with close air support.

ISIS militants stormed into the T4 Airbase on December 12, after seizing security checkpoints in the nearby Mashtal and Qasr al-Hir Districts. After that assault stalled, ISIS imposed a partial siege on the airbase.

The Islamic State recaptured the ancient city of Palmyra on December 11. Russia had supported the Syrian Army in Palmyra, with airstrikes and logistical support.

ISIS first took over Palmyra in May 2015, following a protracted battle with Syrian Army forces. The Islamic State’s occupation was exceptionally harsh, even by the standards of Syria’s 5-year-long conflict.


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