Syrian Army Repels Terrorists Offensives on Deir Ezzur Airport, Major Airbase in Swieda

Syrian Army Repels Terrorists Offensives on Deir Ezzur Airport, Major Airbase in Swieda
Thu Dec 8, 2016 20:10:00

Syrian Army forces have thwarted attacks by terrorists on two major airfields in Deir Ezzur and Sweida and imposed heavy losses on them.

The Syrian Air force targeted the ISIL terrorists near the Deir Ezzur Airport while they were preparing for an offensive on the Syrian Army in the premises of the airport; FNA reported.

Syrian warplanes also bombed the ISIL terrorists in Deir Ezzur districts of al-Hwaiqa, al-Hamidiyeh and al-Rashidiya as well as their positions in Panorama, West of Deir Ezzur, inflicting heavy losses and damage on the terrorists.

The Syrian Air Force also carried out several aerial attacks on ISIL positions in Hatla and al-Hosseiniyeh in Eastern Deir Ezzur as well as al-Jafreh and Jabal al-Tharda, South of Eastern Deir Ezzur Province, killing a number of militants and leaving their equipment destroyed.

Meanwhile in Southern Sweida Province, Syrian Army forces fended off terrorists' offensive in the vicinity of al-Tha'ala Airbase and Tal al-Sheikh Hassan in Western Sweida, killing around two dozen militants in fierce battles with them.

Syrian Army forces also shelled militant positions in Tal al-Ashayhib, killing scores of them while several more were injured in the attack.

On Wednesday, Several Russian fighter jets hammered the ISIL terrorists' positions in the Eastern province of Deir Ezzur, inflicting major losses on the militants.

The warplanes targeted ISIL's defense lines in Thardah mountain, killing or wounding several militants.

In the meantime, the Russian aircraft carried out a powerful assault at the Thayyem Oilfields and Power Station, destroying two technical trucks armed with anti-aircraft machine guns, killing and wounding more than 20 militants.


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