Two Turkish Soldiers killed in ISIS Bomb Attack in Syria

Two Turkish Soldiers killed in ISIS Bomb Attack in Syria
Wed Dec 7, 2016 14:05:44

Two Turkish soldiers were killed Wednesday in a car bomb attack in northern Syria where its troops are fighting ISIS alongside Syrian rebels to capture key town of Al Bab from Islamic State terrorists.

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The attack took place near the town of Al Bab, 25 kilometres from the Turkish border, which has become a key target of the Turkey army's more than three-month invasion inside Syria to fight ISIS and Turkish YPG, the private NTV broadcaster said.

The Turkish army has pressed ahead with an ambitious campaign inside Syria to back syrian opposition militant who have since August captured Jarabulus, Al Rai and the symbolically important town of Dabiq from ISIS, AFP reports.

However, capturing Al Bab where the ISIS terrorists reportedly regrouped after fleeing an earlier offensive has proved much tougher in an operation that has already taken several weeks.

After the lightning speed of the earlier campaign, the Turkish army has suffered increasing casualties in the fight for Al Bab, with most the deaths blamed on ISIS attacks.

Near two dozen Turkish soldiers killed so far in Syria and 2 others captured by ISIS in a operation Turkey named Euphrates Shield.


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