Syrian Civilians Begin to Return to Newly-Liberated Areas East of Aleppo

Syrian Civilians Begin to Return to Newly-Liberated Areas East of Aleppo
Fri Dec 2, 2016 19:38:42

The governor of Aleppo has said that 100 families who are the residents of Hanano Housing Project have begun to return to their homes after the army established security and defused mines and bombs in residential areas.

Alalam Syria

Hussein Diab said in a statement that 100 families, including 600 members returned to their houses in Hanano Housing Project after staying at the makeshift centers; FNA reported.

Diab noted that his department has been working round the clock to provide all services to the families that have arrived in the newly-liberated neighborhoods.

"Schools will start working next week after being closed for more than four years under the terrorists' siege and public buses will rerun soon, stressing that food and fuel supplies and all other necessary requirements will be provided to the families in the district," he added.

Syrian Army troops and popular forces drove Jeish al-Fatah terrorists out of the key district of Hanano Housing Project last week and started to fortify their positions in the newly-liberated district.

Following days of non-stop fierce clashes, the Syrian government forces inflicted major losses on the Jeish al-Fatah collation of terrorist groups and imposed full control over the entire area of the Hanano Housing Project.

Jeish al-Fatah left behind a large number of dead and wounded members and pulled the remaining pockets of its forces back from the district.

Hanano quarter is of paramount importance in the war over Eastern Aleppo. The third flank of the government troops' large-scale operation against terrorists in the Eastern parts of the city concentrated on this district as it is the Southern gate to Sheikh Najjar, another key district in Northeastern Aleppo that is adjacent to a number of heights that overlook the city.


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