VIDEO: President Putin Urges Washington to join Moscow in Fight against Terrorism

Thu Dec 1, 2016 18:43:13

Russian President Vladimir Putin has expressed hope that Washington will join Moscow in efforts to counter international terrorism, stressing that bilateral cooperation is in the interest of the entire world.


“We hope to join efforts with the United States in the fight against a real rather than dreamt-up threat - global terrorism,” Putin said at his 13th State of the Nation address to Russia’s Federal Assembly in the Kremlin in Moscow on Thursday.

Ties between Russia and the US have reached a post-Cold War low over the crisis in Ukraine and the war on Syria, where Moscow and Washington are backing the opposite sides to the conflict gripping the Middle Eastern country for more than five years.

The Russian leader noted that his country is looking forward to mending relations with the US after President-elect Donald Trump takes office in January.

“We are ready for cooperation with the new American administration,” he said, adding, “It’s important to normalize and develop our bilateral ties on an equal and mutually beneficial basis. We share responsibility for ensuring global security and stability and strengthening the non-proliferation regime.”

Putin further thanked Russian military service personnel for their “professionalism, honor and courage” in Syria, where Moscow has been engaged in an aerial campaign against Daesh and other terror outfits at the Damascus government’s request since September last year.

“Precisely that (fighting global terrorism) is the task of our military in Syria. Terrorists have suffered some serious damage. The Russian Army and Navy have assuredly demonstrated that they are able to operate efficiently far from their home bases,” he said.

The Russian president also hailed Russia’s cooperation with China as “a role model for international partnership,” Press TV reported.


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