VIDEO : ISIS Terrorists Show Off the Anti-Aircraft Missiles in Southern Syria

Sat Nov 26, 2016 11:08:09

ISIS-backed Syrian terrorists have been seen in a recent video testing a collection of shoulder-launched anti-aircraft missiles.

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The video shows members of the Daesh-linked Ansar al-Islam Front flourishing SA-7 Strela-2 the first evidence indicating a dramatic relaxation of US restrictions on arms supplies in the country.

Rebels in the video claim to have distributed the weapons to “several points” around Syria to counter air strikes from both Bashar al-Assad and Putin’s forces.

The first fighter says: “We, in Ansar al-Islam Front, have distributed several points of air defence to counter any attempt by the Syrian warplanes or helicopters which bombs points in Quneitra.”

(Quneitra Governorate is one of the fourteen governorates of Syria. It is situated in southern Syria, notable for the location of the Golan Heights.)

Another, named as “Abu Bilal”, says: “There are a lot of preparations for ambushed and units deployed on the front lines.

There are units of air defence, infantry elements and other several sets of our factions and the factions of the FSA in Quneitra and its surroundings.”

A US standing order had previously ruled against the distribution of the missiles in Syria, due to fears the deadly weapons could fall into the hands of enemies such as ISIS and the Nusra Front (by its new name Fatah al-Sham) , Orient News report.


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