VIDEO: Iraqi Residents of Hammam al-Alil Receive Aid after Liberation from ISIS

Thu Nov 17, 2016 14:16:42

Hundreds of Iraqis who recently returned to Hammam al-Alil, southeast of Mosul, after its recapture from ISIS, received aid and food packages on Wednesday, November 16.

The men, women and children waited in line to receive food items and aid packages from humanitarian agencies and the Iraqi army.

"Over the past few years, when Daesh (ISIS) was in control of these areas, we did not receive any food staples. Our salaries all stopped, the situation was very difficult here in this area. This aid is needed, people do not have much, they have no money, no food. Everything was in bad shape," said Mohammed Faris, a Hammam al-Alil resident.

According to the Iraqi military, a mass grave with over 100 decapitated corpses of civilians was found in Hammam al-Alil last week. The militants reportedly transported 1,600 abducted civilians from Hammam al-Alil to Tal Afar before its recapture, possibly for use as human shields against air strikes, and told some they may be taken to Syria.

They also reportedly took 150 families from Hammam al-Alil to Mosul. Many buildings in the town have been damaged or destroyed in the fighting.

An operation involving the Iraqi army, Kurdish forces, Shia and tribal militias has driven the terrorists out of many areas surrounding Mosul, with the aim of recapturing ISIS last major city stronghold in Iraq.


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