FRONTLINE VIDEO: Moments ISIS Suicide Truck Exploded Near in Raqqa

Wed Nov 16, 2016 12:31:20

DRAMATIC Footage shows French forces destroying an ISIS suicide truck as it speeds towards its targets near the terror group's self-declared capital in Syria’s Raqqa.

The white light to the left of the car is a wire-guided missile fired from an ATGM launcher which misses the truck as opposing forces fiercly battle to stop the truck.

The car explodes instantly as the rocket strikes it, sending it up in flames and pouring clouds of smoke into the sky, activist group "RaqqaCampaign" publish this video in its Youube's Channel.

ISIS frequently use suicide bomber cars with filled with explosives to penetrate enemy lines.

Massive explosion follows the French missile as it hits its target.

The footage comes as around 30,000 fighters led by mostly Kurdish YPG in framework of SDF or Syrian Democratic Forces continue to advance to take back Raqqa from ISIS.

Beside US and French Forces, UK RAF has joined SDF forces to liberate Raqqa, which ISIS use as the self-declared capital of its evil caliphate.


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