US Trump, Russia’s Putin Hold First Talk, Discuss Terrorism, Normalizing Ties

US Trump, Russia’s Putin Hold First Talk, Discuss Terrorism, Normalizing Ties
Tue Nov 15, 2016 08:08:09

Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President-elect Donald Trump have discussed the importance of “normalizing” ties between Moscow and Washington.

According to a statement released by the Kremlin on Monday, the two held their first-ever talk during a phone conversation initiated by Putin, who had contacted Trump to “offer his congratulations on winning a historic election."

The statement noted that the two had also agreed on making provisions for a “personal meeting," and to keep in touch by phone. Both Putin and Trump had acknowledged "the extremely unsatisfactory state of Russian-US relations at present" and "declared the need for active joint work to normalize them."

During the conversation, the Russian president also voiced his preparedness to "create a dialogue of partnership with the new administration on the basis of equality, mutual respect and non-intervention in each other's domestic affairs."
They also “agreed on the need to unite efforts in the struggle with the enemy number one: international terrorism and extremism," said the statement, noting that ending the conflict in Syria was also discussed.

During Trump’s election campaign, Putin had referred to Trump as "a very outstanding person, talented without doubt."

Hillary Clinton repeatedly claimed in her campaign that Russia was trying to rig the November election in favor of Trump. In their last presidential debate, Clinton accused Trump of having secret ties with Moscow, saying that Putin would love to see a “puppet” in the White House.

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