Obama Mocks Trump with Twitter Jab

Obama Mocks Trump with Twitter Jab
Mon Nov 7, 2016 13:56:14

US President Barack Obama has made fun of Donald Trump for having his Twitter access taken away on the final days of the campaign, saying the Republican candidate’s inability to control a social networking account means he cannot be trusted with nuclear codes.

“Apparently, his campaign has taken away his Twitter,” Obama said at a campaign event for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in Kissimmee, Florida, on Sunday.

“Now, if somebody can’t handle a Twitter account, they can’t handle the nuclear codes,” the outgoing president joked.

Earlier in the day, The New York Times had reported that Trump’s aides have taken over his Twitter account and were controlling it to make sure the New York businessman stays disciplined.

Trump’s Twitter account has been one of his effective campaign weapons.

Known as a fervent Twitter user, Trump has gone out of his way to reach out to his fans through the 140-character medium.

In late September, the real estate mogul became under fire for his tweetstorm against former Miss Universe Alicia Machado, after she criticized him for fat-shaming her.

Trump has also used Twitter to unload on the TV show Saturday Night Live for mocking him on various occasions.

“If somebody starts tweeting at 3 in the morning because ‘SNL’ made fun of you, then you can’t handle the nuclear codes,” Obama said of Trump.

Ironically, Trump has used his Twitter account to lash out at Obama on many instances.

Aside from the regular rants against Obama’s policies, Trump has blasted the president for his fierce campaigning for Clinton and not doing his “job.”

“Why isn't President Obama working instead of campaigning for Hillary Clinton?” Trump said in a tweet mid-September.

With 13 million followers as of Monday, Trump’s Twitter account had about 3 million followers more than Clinton’s.

The Republican candidate also had over 12 million followers on Facebook and Clinton was trailing him with some 8 million followers.


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