Terrorist Groups in Syria Confess Heavy Casualties in Western Aleppo

Terrorist Groups in Syria Confess Heavy Casualties in Western Aleppo
Sat Nov 5, 2016 17:43:33

The terrorist groups-affiliated media has acknowledged on Saturday that Hundreds of militants have been killed or wounded in failed attacks on the positions of the government troops in Western and Southwestern Aleppo.

"A large number of militants have been killed, including senior commanders. In the meantime, hundreds more have been wounded in the second wave of the Great Epic Operation to lift the army's siege of the militant-held Eastern districts of Aleppo city," the sources said.

Also, Abdullah Muhammad al-Muhaysini, a senior al Qaeda-linked cleric and the religious leader of Jeish al-Fatah terrorist group, said in a voice massage on his tweeter page that at least four Saudi militants, including commander Khatab al-Tabouki al-Atwi, were killed in clashes with Syrian army in the Western parts of Aleppo.

Sources close to the terrorist groups admitted on Wednesday that between 2,200 up to 2,500 militants have been killed or wounded in their large-scale offensive on government forces' positions in the Western and Southwestern parts of Aleppo city in the last few days.

The Arabic service of RT quoted the sources as saying that the terrorist groups suffered between 2, 200 up to 2,500 casualties, including a large number of non-Syrian militants, in their Great Epic Operation on Army positions in Western and Southwestern Aleppo in the last 6 days.

The latest reports said that after repelling terrorist groups' attacks on Friday, relevant calm has prevailed over Western Aleppo city.

According to military sources, the Syrian army and popular allies are monitoring terrorists' movements in the Housing Project 1070, Zahiyeh al-Assad, Jam'iyat al-Zahra, Menyan, 3,000-units housing complex, Assad military-engineering academy, Family House and New Aleppo districts.

Aleppo governor general disclosed earlier today that none of the UN staff has visited the safe corridors established for the exit of the civilians from militant-held districts of Aleppo to register the terrorists' violations in Friday's humanitarian pause.

"The Syrian government has done its best to render medical and urgent services to the injured and patients near the safe corridors, but the terrorists did not allow anyone to leave the Eastern districts of Aleppo via these corridors," Brigadier General Hossein Deyab said.

"The terrorist groups targeted civilians and the corridors, but none of the UN staff was present on the scene to register their violation of the humanitarian pause," he further added.

Deyab added that militants have fired numerous missiles at Costello safe corridor, leaving several people wounded, including a journalist.

"The terrorists' violations of the ceasefire in the hours of the humanitarian pause have been recorded by several local and foreign media, but no one from the UN staff came to the scene to register them," he underlined.

Great Epic Operation - a last ditch effort by over 16,000 Jeish al-Fatah terrorists from outside Aleppo to help besieged militants in the Eastern parts of the city - ended in yet another failure even in absence of Russian airstrikes, the militants admitted, blaming their top commander for their "humiliating defeat in Western and Southwestern Aleppo."Jeish al-Fatah's Great Epic Operation failed to meet the coalition's military objective of lifting the siege on our comrades trapped in the Eastern part of the city," militants told their affiliated media outlets and on their social media pages on Wednesday.

A sum of 16,000 terrorists raided the Western and Southwestern districts of Aleppo on Friday in rescue of their entrapped comrades in the Eastern parts of the city.

Some 5,000 militants took part in the first phase of the large-scale offensive that is called the Great Epic Operation. Arab media outlets reported on Sunday that at least 500 militants of Jeish al-Fatah had been killed and 1,000 more wounded only in the first phase.


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