Syrian Army Destroys Terrorists' Long Tunnel in Eastern Damascus

Syrian Army Destroys Terrorists' Long Tunnel in Eastern Damascus
Wed Nov 2, 2016 11:26:10

Syrian military forces discovered a long tunnel of Jeish al-Islam in Eastern Ghouta and exploded it.

A 160-meter-long tunnel with 14 meters of depth used by Jeish al-Islam to carry arms and transfer forces between the battlefields in Harasta region was detonated by the Syrian army.

The tunnel branched into several paths ending up in positions used by the terrorists for attacking army positions in the region.

Meantime on Tuesday, the Syrian Army gave the terrorists of Jeish al-Islam and their allies a final ultimatum to fully surrender in Eastern Ghouta.

"After the recapture of Tal (hill) Kurdi and Tal al-Sawan, Syrian government forces are to storm Jeish al-Islam's strongholds in the towns of al-Shifouniyeh and al-Reihan to pave the ground for the liberation of the city of Douma," the sources said.

"The Syrian army has given a last chance to the militants in Douma region to lay down arms and turn in themselves to government authorities," the sources added.

"Syrian government forces will not end anti-terrorism operation in Damascus province until the full seizure of Douma and its countryside," the sources pointed out.

In the meantime, Damascus Governor General Ala Ibrahim underlined that the Syrian army and its allies restored full security to Damascus and are to reinvigorate it, rejecting the possibility that terrorists, including ISIL, might infiltrate Damascus Security Ring.


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