Iraqi Security Forces Find Turkish, Saudi Weapons in Mosul: Shia Forces Commander

Iraqi Security Forces Find Turkish, Saudi Weapons in Mosul: Shia Forces Commander
Thu Oct 27, 2016 19:30:46

The leader of al-Hashed al-Shaabi militia, Uday al-Khaddran, announced, that the security forces found Turkish and Saudi weapons in the axes of Mosul, and pointed out that vehicles and weapons entered the ISIS-held areas in Mosul on daily basis across the Turkish border by Gulf senior traders.

Khaddran said in a press statement, “Turkey is supplying the ISIS with weapons and military equipment, in addition to Turkish military advisers and experts to train the group’s terrorists, and artillery to support the terrorists’ movement.”

“Traders from Kuwait and UAE are facilitating the entry of thousands of Toyota vehicles to be used by the ISIS militants in their operations,” Khaddran added.

Khaddran also revealed that Turkish and Saudi intelligence transferred ISIS senior leaders and warlords from Mosul to Syria and Libya, in preparation for a new phase that will start from Egypt and Algeria.

Iraqi security forces also found Saudi weapons and vehicles during the battles to liberate Anbar and Salahuddin in the past two years, Iraqi News reported.


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