Caliphate of Beggars and Extorters: ISIS Starts Fundraiser in Mosul

Caliphate of Beggars and Extorters: ISIS Starts Fundraiser in Mosul
Sun Oct 23, 2016 13:24:35

According to Iraqi media reports, ISIS forces in Mosul have been forcing the local population they are already using as a huge human shield to donate money to support their cause.

Iraqi News, citing local Iraqi media, reports that ISIS in Mosul has launched a large fundraising campaign to support the "Caliphate State" and are compelling Mosul residents to "donate."

"The donations were coerced through threats of violence or severe pressure," Iraqi News said, citing an Al Sumaria TV channel report that also commented that "significant rejection and resentment rose among the residents."

The ISIS terror group is currently in severe financial crisis due to the loss of many of its funding resources, including, first and foremost, its oil trade in Syria.

In addition to taking their money, ISIS militants are reportedly using the citizens of Mosul as a human shield against an all-out air and ground assault, with a city-wide gas attack thought to be one possible scenario if the terrorists get desperate, Sputnik reported.



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