Senior ISIS Leader Killed in Nineveh Province, Forceful Donation in Mosul

Senior ISIS Leader Killed in Nineveh Province, Forceful Donation in Mosul
Sat Oct 22, 2016 11:09:58

In Iraqi airstrike at one of the ISIS strongholds in Nineveh province where Iraqi Joint Forces attack at terrorists' stronghold of Mosul is underway, ISIS leader Aziz Ali killed in Tel Al Sheer Village.

According to “Iraqi News” quoted from Hashed Al Shaabi press office, Senior ISIS leader was killed by an Iraqi Army’s airstrike in Nineveh province.

“The Army’s air force bombarded the stronghold based on accurate intelligence,” the statement added.

The Iraqi joint security forces, backed by the Army and international coalition air force, continue their progress in the battle to liberate Mosul city from the control of the ISIS.

Meanwhile Iraqi media outlets announced that ISIS launched a large fundraising campaign to support its “Caliphate State” in the battles of Mosul and forced Mosul residents to donate their money to support this cause.

Al Sumaria News reported that ISIS forced the people of Mosul to donate their money to support the ‘Caliphate State’ in the battles against the government forces and other security forces.”

ISIS has suffered from a severe financial crisis for months due to the loss of most of its major funding sources, including oil fields.


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