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At least 300 Killed in Southern Haiti from Hurricane Matthew

Fri Oct 7, 2016 09:25:10

Hurricane Matthew killed more than 300 people as it smashed through southern Haiti.

Senator Herve Fourcand said that figure is still preliminary, as some areas hit by the powerful storm are still inaccessible.

Haiti's southern peninsula was the hardest hit by the storm.

Fourcand disputed the official toll given by the government so far, which was 122. Earlier, Radio Television Caraibes put the toll nationwide at 264.

Im US officials say winds are picking up and thousands are without power in the US state of Florida as Hurricane Matthew approached Thursday evening.

Florida Power and Light reports that about 95,000 customers - about 42,000 in Palm Beach County alone - are already without electricity.

US President Barack Obama on Thursday night declared a state of emergency for Georgia. He had already issued states of emergency for Florida and South Carolina.