France Shooting: Two Injured after Man Opens Fire near Paris

France Shooting: Two Injured after Man Opens Fire near Paris
Mon Sep 26, 2016 18:58:29

Two people have been injured in a shooting near a supermarket near the French capital, Paris, with no signs available that the incident in western France was an act of terror.

Police officials said Monday that the man, presumably in his 60s, injured the two after he opened fire at a cashier and customers before fleeing the scene.

Local media said the shooting started around 11:45 a.m. local time in Port-Marly, a suburb to the west of Paris. They said the two victims, who were immediately transferred to the hospital, sustained serious injuries.

According to Press TV: the suspect was reportedly holed up in a nearby building, the reports said, adding that a gun was also found in his car.

There was no sign that the shooting was an act of terror. Local media said the attacker was known to the police for his previous violent behavior and had been living in the neighborhood for more than a year. 

France remains on high alert since January last year. The European country has witnessed terrorist attacks, mostly claimed by Takfiri terrorists based in the Middle East, over the past year.


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