Yemeni Missiles Rain down on Saudi Military Camp

Yemeni Missiles Rain down on Saudi Military Camp
Mon Sep 26, 2016 14:16:47

The Yemeni Army's Rocket Battalion unleashed hell over a Saudi military camp in the Jizan Region on Sunday night, hitting several targets with their Katyusha missile launcher.

At least 3 of the Katyusha missiles struck the Saudi military camp in the Jizan Region, with the remaining missiles striking nearby checkpoints and installations.

This Yemeni Army missile strike was conducted in retaliation for the Saudi Air Force's massacre of 17 people in the Ibb Governorate on Sunday morning.

In response to the Yemeni Army's attack on Sunday night, the Saudi Air Force has already begun launching airstrikes over the Sanaa and Sa'ada governorates of Yemen, causing significant material damage to several neighborhoods.


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