VIDEO Shows Targeting Terrorist Armored Vehicle in Golan Heights

Tue Sep 20, 2016 08:43:28

Fouj Al Joulan (Golan Regiment) carried out a successful missile strike against the terrorists rebels of Jabhat Fateh Al Sham (formerly Al Nusra Front) on Monday, destroying an armored vehicle that was filled with these militants in the Golan Heights.

According to a military source in Damascus, Fouj Al Joulan fired a guided missile at Jabhat Fateh Al Sham's vehicle after the latter attempted to destroy a government base with an anti tank TOW missile near the town of Al Bayda.

The pro-government militia, Fouj Al-Joulan, captured footage of this guided missile strike on Monday, AMN reports.

Since losing 70+ terrorists last week, the rebels have backed off of the Golan Heights front and abandoned their offensive dubbed "Qadsiyah Al Jnoub."


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