VIDEO: Chinese, Russian Navies War Games in South China Sea Begins

Mon Sep 12, 2016 10:57:30

The Chinese and Russian navies launched eight days of war games in the South China Sea on Monday, in a sign of growing cooperation between their armed forces against the backdrop of regional territorial disputes.

Chinese state television CCTV broadcast pictures of a welcome ceremony for Russian Navy Deputy Commander-in-Chief and head of the Russian navy, Vice Admiral Alexander Fedotenkov and his fellow sailors after they docked at Zhanjiang military harbour in China's Guangdong province The "Joint Sea-2016 manoeuvres" include surface ships, submarines, ship-borne helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft, along with marines and amphibious armoured vehicles who will conduct live-firing exercises, according to a Defence Ministry statement issued Sunday.

Tasks will include defensive and rescue drills, anti-submarine exercises and the simulated seizure of an enemy island by marines from both sides.

The ministry didn't say exactly where the drills would be held in the South China Sea, home to heated territorial disputes between China and its Southeast Asian neighbours.

Russia has been the only major country to speak out on China's behalf in its demand that the US and other countries stay out of such arguments.


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