VIDEO: Syrian Army Soldiers Destroyed Several Terrorists’ Tunnels in Madaya

Mon Sep 5, 2016 19:09:51

Several tunnels said to be used by Terrorists in the Syrian town of Madaya were discovered and destroyed by Syrian soldiers and Hezbollah fighters on Monday.

A video shows the tunnel from inside and the moment it was destroyed.

Syrian News Agency SANA reported according to a military source that a unit of the army, in co-operation with Hezbollah fighters, destroyed a 500 metre-long tunnel belonging to opposition rebels that extends between Madaya town and Madaya plain.

The source added that the tunnel had been equipped with lights and ventilation, and was linked to a building near the highway to the west of Madaya town.

It is thought the rebels used the tunnel as a supply route for transporting arms, ammunition and food materials.

Meanwhile, Syrian army troops and its allied forces, carried out a swift military operation, establishing full control over the area of the Military Academies to the south of Aleppo city.

A video released by an affiliate media outlet to the Syrian government shows the huge damage inside the military academy.


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