Commentator Says Turkey Invading Syria on Behalf of US, NATO Allies

Commentator Says Turkey Invading Syria on Behalf of US, NATO Allies
Sun Sep 4, 2016 16:27:09

Press TV has talked to Stewart Brennan, a political commentator from Montreal, to get his take on Turkey's military offensive on Syrian territory.

Here is a rough transcription of the interview:

Press TV: The so-called Free Syrian Army is teaming up with Turkish invading forces to attack Daesh (ISIS / ISIL). But when Daesh was in Kobani, a practical rock throw from Turkish soil, Ankara did nothing. Some critics say what Turkey is really after in Syria is combating the Kurds and toppling the central government in Damascus. Your take?

Brennan: Yes, absolutely. First of all, the FSA are the Daesh terrorists. Daesh just evaporated into the FSA uniforms as we see no obstruction to Turkey's invasion whatsoever. Turkey is setting up a major supply line to the terrorists. Also we have to remember that Turkey is a NATO member. The US and NATO have a base of operations now in Syria. This is all about the war on Syria. As for the Kurds, I believe that is a secondary objective for Erdogan. Turkey has been in Syria covertly for several years through their direct support for the terrorists who have been flowing over the Turkish border from military training camps set up on Turkish soil. Turkey has been exposed arming and exporting the US-backed terrorists into Syria, while also being involved with the illegal oil trade that sent millions of barrels of oil from Syria to be refined inside Turkey for domestic and foreign purposes. It is now obvious that Erdogan invaded Syria at the Americans' request after staging a fake coup to root out those in the Turkish government and the military who would have been opposed to Turkey's direct military intervention in Syria.

After they staged the coup, Erdogan did whatever he wanted including the invasion of Turkey. So, the Americans desperately need to stave off complete defeat in Syria and the Middle East. Now, NATO has a military base inside Syria.

Press TV: If you remember Turkey was under a considerable amount of pressure from Western governments and a lot of its allies to clean up its borders and stop letting terrorists and their weapons get across. But now, under the pretext of fighting terrorists and Kurdish militants supposedly, they have justified their decision to cross that border. A lot of people see this as a guise  to get the weapons across to the terrorists freely through their own military. Your take on that?

Brennan: There's hardly a word of warning by the US and its allies towards Erdogan for his invasion of Syria. Because America’s goal [is] to remove the legitimate government of Bashar al-Assad. The US, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Israel, Qatar, the UAE and some of the EU puppet nations are all desperate to stave off an American failure in Syria. Because as we all know the US economic empire is bankrupt. And those that control energy and economic growth are desperate and will do anything to achieve total subjugation and control of Syria.

Investigative journalist Pepe Escobar is correct when he says the war is all about pipelines and who controls the energy pipelines to Europe. So, it's really a desperate attempt by the US and its forces to set up a NATO base within Syria.

Press TV: How messy is the situation when you have numerous entities targeting, according to themselves, Daesh terrorists and they all have different agendas and no contact with one another?

Brennan: Well how messy could it be when they're all on the same side? I am talking about Daesh, and the Turks and the Americas pretending to fight terrorism. They are the terrorists. They're the ones invading. There's two sides in this. There's no confusion. It's the Americans and the Turks and the Saudis and the Israelis - the whole group of them - they're terrorists. They're the ones funding it, and supporting it. And they're against Russia, Iran, the Syrian government, Hezbollah from Lebanon. And that's what it is. It's one side against another. There is no mess. The mess is the lies that the United States is putting out there as terrorism.

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