Superpowers Vow to DESTROY ISIS: Russia and the US Team up

Superpowers Vow to DESTROY ISIS: Russia and the US Team up
Sun Aug 28, 2016 14:25:16

Russia and the US are joining forces to crush ISIS and put an end to the civil war raging through the Middle East.

US secretary of state John Kerry and his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov, met in Geneva on Friday to discuss how the superpowers can work together to bring down the evil death cult.

Collaboration between the two countries is the key to defeating ISIS, Kerry claims.

Following his meeting with Lavrov, Kerry said: "Today I can say we achieved clarity on the path forward”, adding that a "political solution" is the only way forward in ending the conflict.

But Kerry was keen to add that there is more work to be done before details of the plans are confirmed and can be put into action.

Russia and the US previously teamed up in July, when Kerry launched Syrian cooperation talks in Moscow that led to the countries sharing intelligence to coordinate air strikes against ISIS.

Joining forces to defeat ISIS and end conflict in Syria is of paramount importance following a UN investigation published earlier this week, which revealed that ISIS have been using chemical weapons, Express reported.


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