Syrian Army Launches New Attacks against Terrorists in Southwestern Damascus

Syrian Army Launches New Attacks against Terrorists in Southwestern Damascus
Mon Aug 22, 2016 16:05:53

Syrian Army troops have begun new round of attacks against terrorists’ defense lines in the key town of Darayya in Western Ghouta and have succeeded to beat the terrorists back from their positions.

The Syrian soldiers launched a fresh round of attacks on the terrorist groups' defense lines and pushed them back from Nouralddeen Shahid grand mosque and the entire buildings near the mosque.

The Syrian artillery units played a crucial role in army's advances.

Local sources announced that the army is now engaged in cleansing operation in the Western part of the railway.

"Recent advances of the army have paved the way for government forces to carry out fresh operation in Central Darayya," the sources said.

There are several terrorist group, including Shohada al-Islam brigade, Itehad Islami and Ajnad al Sham, in Darayya.

Tens of non-Syrian fighters are also in Darayya.

Also on Sunday, Syrian army troops continued to push back the terrorist groups from their strongholds near two towns in Western Ghouta, also killing and wounding dozens of them.

The Syrian soldiers inflicted a heavy death toll on the militants in the Southern side of Darayya and pushed them back from their strongholds, separating them into two weaker groups.

The army also hit terrorist centers hard in Khan al Sheih, ending in the killing or injuring of several militants, including their commanders.

Syrian Air Force, for its part, bombed Jeish al Islam's positions near Douma in Eastern Ghouta; FNA reported.


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