Syrian Army Troops Destroy 15 ISIS Vehicles, 5 Fuel Tanks, 10 Arms Trucks in Sweida

Syrian Army Troops Destroy 15 ISIS Vehicles, 5 Fuel Tanks, 10 Arms Trucks in Sweida
Wed Aug 17, 2016 20:18:47

The Syrian army conducted special military operations against ISIS military hardware in Sweida province, inflicting heavy losses on the terrorists.

A sum of 15 military vehicles, five fuel tanks and 10 weapon-loaded trucks of the ISIS were destroyed in the army's offensives in Badiya (desert) region of Sweida province.

Meantime, the Syrian army destroyed five fuel tanks of the terrorists near al-Sha'ab area to the South of Sweida city.

Also the Syrian army’s artillery pounded the ISIS terrorists’ gathering centers in Mashbak al-Wediyan area to the East of Rashida wells.

In a relevant development on Tuesday, the Syrian army fended off an attack by terrorists on its military positions near a strategic village in the Northwestern part of Sweida province.

The terrorists tried to capture the Syrian army's military position in the surrounding areas of Waqam village Northwest of Sweida province, but they were pushed back by the timely counterattack of the Syrian army.

"An army unit clashed with a group of terrorists who had infiltrated from al-Lujat area towards one of the military points in Waqam village and that a number of terrorists were killed in the clashes, while others fled, and their weapons and munitions were destroyed," the Arabic-language media quoted an unnamed military source as saying.

On Monday, the Syrian army troops traced and targeted ISIS's fuel convoys in Sweida province, and destroyed most of the tankers.

Several oil tankers of the ISIS terrorist group came under attack and were destroyed by the Syrian Army troops in the Eastern countryside of Sweida province.

"Units of the Syrian Army destroyed a number of ISIS’s oil tankers in the East of al-Rashida village and a surveillance post in Tal Saad in the Eastern countryside of Sweida province, killing all the terrorists inside," the source said.

Also on Saturday, the Syrian military forces carried out a fresh round of attacks on ISIS's concentration centers in the Northeastern territories of Sweida province, inflicting tens of casualties on the militants.

Syrian army men stormed ISIS's strongholds in the village of Shinwan, leaving dozens of the militants dead or wounded, FNA reported.

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