Horrific VIDEO: 2 Survived in Cement-Tanker Crash in China

Tue Aug 16, 2016 13:18:54

Two people were lucky enough to stay alive after their car was crushed by a cement tanker in east China’s Zhejiang Province on Monday morning.

The accident happened in Ningbo City on early Tuesday.

The surveillance video shows that the cement tanker was running at high speed in Ningbo City at 09:11 when it bumped into the car.

The tanker driver turned the wheel swiftly and set emergency brake to avoid the car which was going to cross the road. Then the tanker overturned and crushed onto the car. Passers-by ran over to help and soon firefighters arrived to rescue. They first pulled out a lady aboard the car and sent her to the hospital. Rescuers then used forklift and hydraulic tools to unclench the steel to save the man driver. He was sent to the hospital after 20 minutes of rescue.

The woman was in stable condition after an operation while the man is still under observation in the ICU, according to the hospital.

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