VIDEO: Syrian Army Recaptures Key Village, Region in Hama Province

Mon Aug 8, 2016 22:39:50

Army and popular forces have gained full control of a key village and a region in Hama after inflicting heavy losses on terrorists on Monday.

The army and popular forces are now in full control of the village of Markaba and Mazah al Tavineh region in Northern Hama.

The Syrian army also took full control of the hilltops overlooking Markaba village after several hours of fierce clashes with the terrorists.

In a relevant development on Monday, the Syrian Army troops foiled an attempt to smuggle large quantities of arms and ammunition to terrorist organizations in the Northwestern and Eastern parts of flashpoint Hama Province.

Media sources in Hama said that following accurate intelligence information, the authorities concerned seized a shipment of arms containing what is known as” Hell Cannons” which were on their way to terrorist groups in the village of Qalet al-Madeeq, SANA reported.

Three terrorists who were trying to smuggle the shipment of arms to the terror groups in the Eastern part of Hama were arrested.

The shipment contained a large quantity of shells for BMBs, goggles, bombs, ammunition for PKC machine guns, medium machine guns, thermal rockets, anti-tank missiles, ammunition for machine guns and rifles and tank shells.

Terrorist groups, mostly affiliated with Fatah al Sham Front (formerly al Nusra Front)  and ISIL are active in some areas in Hama province and commit crimes against locals; FNA reported.


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